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Fun...exciting...engaging...non-stop action...describes learning at Milford Coop. Using the High Scope teaching method, we provide an active and participatory approach to learning for ages 2-5. By combining key classroom ‘ingredients’: material, manipulation, choice, communication and adult support, children are able to build knowledge through their own experiences. As a result, children learn HOW to learn... what a wonderful way to begin their education!

We believe that preschool should be a place to:

  • Increase self-confidence
  • Improve interactions with other children and adults
  • Gain knowledge about developmentally appropriate topics.

Teachers, parents and family members help facilitate this type of learning through their involvement in the school and classroom.

Reptile Night!

A different kind of Halloween Treat! Join in the fun at our Little Red Schoolhouse...all are welcome!

MCP Road Rally 2014!

Road Rally Advertisement

How to Kill Your Child's Creativity

how to kill a child's creativity

As parents and early childhood educators, we need to remember that giving our child the gift of time is one of the most precious gifts we can give them.  Our society and culture tends to rush along childhood.  Remember, your child needs space in their day to grant them the opportunity to create, play and enjoy the process of both.


Taking it Home!

We know that a concept has impacted our students and their families when they take it home.  Recently two separate families shared pictures and stories with me about taking our message board technique home. 

FREE! Summer fun!

Milford Cooperative Preschool is pleased to announce that they will be offering several no-cost events this Summer!  We are looking forward to getting to know young families from our area as we celebrate you...

Kids running in the park

Summer! Join us for lots of fun!

Camp Kids with Miss Joyce on the Straw Bales

Summer....a fun and wonderful time of year!  But, after the first few weeks of Summer vacation from school, do you find yourself looking for ways to entertain and inspire your preschoolers?  Milford Cooperative Preschool has just the thing for you! 

Going Green is teaching us a thing or two!

As we work our way through the list of Green School activities that qualified us to receive the Emerald level of the certification, we have been pleasantly surprised as to the impact it has made on our children and our school.

Magnets and Worms and Math...Oh My!

Play based learning means that play is essential in every part of our day.  Math is no acception.  What better way to learn math than to become involved in touching, moving, manipulating materials as our brains work on discovering math concepts.

Recently, the Four Year Old Class was involved is several experiences in which this kind of learning was embraced by teachers and students!

Magnets hanging from the ceiling

We are so excited to announce..."The Chicks are Hatching!"

Sunday morning visit showed us that we have five chicks!!!  More to come!

Chicks hatching!!


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